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The agreement on cooperation, support and protection of the Belarusian portal of Fandom
  • Creation date: January 1, 2017 (01.01.2017)
  • Last edited date: unknown
  • Approval date: unknown

This agreement confirms that the users of the Fandom, who signed under agreement, become members of the union of Belarusian wiki projects on Fandom, the purpose of which[1] is to help in cooperation, promotion and protection of the wiki projects included in the composition of the union.

  1. The agreement is signed exclusively on a voluntary basis, on the basis of the desires of the users.
  2. Any wiki project has the right to free entry and exit from the union by the notification of the chairmens of the union.
  3. The official languages of the union are the Belarusian, Russian and Ukrainian. Priority has the Belarusian.
  4. The members of the union can use any convenient for them language to communicate with other members, but we don't recommend the use of languages, with which will not be able to translate the other users.
  5. The members of the union take responsibility to maintain wiki projects in the framework of the union in voting, competitions, as well as during the dialogue with the staff and helpers of Fandom.
  6. The chairmens of the union are selected on the wiki projects by voting. When the vote no, the chairman of the becomes active administrator or bureaucrat.
  7. Membership and/or the chairmanship of the union makes no authority.
  8. All hierarchy in the framework of the union of conditional, because union built on the principles of equality.
  9. Welcome cooperation wiki projects, which are part of the union, with a wiki projects in other languages, in particular with Ukrainian and Russian.
  10. This agreement may be terminate by contract of the parties.
  11. The official version of the agreement de-jure is the version in the Belarusian language.
  12. The agreement also translated into Russian, English and Ukrainian languages. Welcome translation of the agreement on other languages.
  13. The list of languages can be changed.
  14. About all inconsistencies at translation of the agreement should be reported to the chairmens of the union.
  15. The central wiki projects union is Wiki Community. It URL: http://be.supolnastsi.wikia.com
  16. Member and chairman of the agreement can be any user of the Belarusian portal regardless of the status. Blocked users may not be the chairmens.
  17. Users who are not editors of the Belarusian portal, can become observers.
  18. Observers may become members and chairmens, in the latter case, carried out a survey of the chairmens.
  19. In the quality of the alternatives out of the union of member or chairmen can be observers.

  1. Purpose of the union and the conclusion of the agreement.
Structure (hierarchy)
  1. Mix Gerder
Members (participants, users etc)